Xbox One Jailbreak Download


Xbox One is a series of home video game consoles that belongs to the Ebox brand by Microsoft. It is known as an “all-in-one entertainment system”, therefore, its name is assigned as ‘Xbox One’ You get amazing features with the Xbox One gaming console. If you want to add more new features to your gaming console, you can use Xbox One Jailbreak Download for that.

Xbox One Jailbreak Download

Xbox is included with five video game consoles, applications (games), an online service with the name tag of Xbox Live, the development arm with the name of Xbox Game Studios, and streaming services.


What is Xbox One Jailbreak Download?

Xbox One Jailbreak Download is a hack that you can use to completely unlock the capabilities of an Xbox One console. Necessarily, jailbreak for Xbox One might be a hacking package that is mostly based on associate usable SMC. It gives permission for wallhacks, bots, and many innovative and interesting options. You can now proceed with Xbox One Jailbreak Download on both Xbox One X and Xbox 360. All you need to do is simply change a chip in the motherboard. You can set up the custom firmware OS relying on an exploit in Windows.


Compatible Devices to Proceed with Xbox One Jailbreak Download

  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox One Fat


Features of Xbox One Jailbreak Download

  • Brings backward compatibility for a vast range of Xbox One games.
  • You can install any third-party application on your console without paying a single penny.
  • You can play games directly with HDD and all you have to do is simply install them by using an external HDD or USB.
  • You can backup the games and set up the mods of games as well.
  • You will acquire all the administrator and developer rights of your Xbox One console with its jailbreak.

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Requirements for Xbox One Jailbreak Download

  • You must not open the Xbox One console.
  • This jailbreak update will work with all versions of the Xbox One.
  • You need a 2GB USB flash drive.


How to Install Xbox One Jailbreak Download with Elyx JB?

Elyx is an all-in-one jailbreak app that supports all iDevice models, iOS versions, and gaming consoles. It includes the compatibility of the Xbox One Jailbreak Download as well.

  1. Tap on the Download button on this web page to download Xbox One Jailbreak with Elyx JB.
  2. You will see the files named XBOX_JAILBREAK.TAR and XBOX_PACKAGE.OGG after the file is extracted.
  3. Plug your USB stick into the computer.
  4. Create a root folder in the USB stick and name it as XBOX_ONE.
  5. Paste the two extracted files into the XBOX_ONE folder.
  6. Plug the USB stick into the Xbox One console.
  7. Go to device Settings > Update via external storage.
  8. Then it will prompt the terms and conditions that you need to follow to proceed with the software update.
  9. The Xbox One will shut down next and will automatically restart within a few seconds.
  10. Your Xbox One console is now jailbroken. You can enjoy its new features now!