About Us

What is ElyxJB?

ELYX is an online jailbreak application that you can use to jailbreak your iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices. ELYX JB team always gives you the best iOS customisation experience with ELYX jailbroken appstore and Cydia. You can install third-party apps, tweaks, games, themes, mods and cracked apps on your iDevices using ELYX within few minutes.

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What is Cydia?

Cydia and Jailbreak are two frequently heard words among iDevice users. Because of the amazing apps and tweaks that you can install from the Cydia app store, installing Cydia has become the main purpose of jailbreaking iDevices. The developer of the Cydia Download is Jay Freeman Saurik, who is a software engineer in the USA.

Cydia is the best third-party app store that you can install on any iOS device. It brings powerfully designed third-party apps, games, tweaks, themes, add-ons, and extensions as both freeware and paid versions. All of them provide you extra functionality to all iDevice with a variety of different features. You can get screen recorders, better app switchers, additional lock screen features, and much more with the Cydia Installer. You may find similar apps in the Apple App Store, but Cydia will always offer you a higher level of functionality to iDevices.


The Reason Why We Need ELYX Jailbreak to Install Cydia

All iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices come with many restrictions imposed on downloading apps and other stuff. If you try to install an app from an external app store, Apple doesn’t allow you to download it. ELYX is the best app store to install third-party iOS apps and tweaks on iDevices including Cydia.


The Functionality of ELYX

Whatever you think of having on your iDevice, ELYX gives an app with the feature you think of. ELYX is that much effective to use on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices. It allows you to download exclusive apps, ringtones, tweaks, themes, and modifications on iOS devices.

  • Themes: Gives you a unique look for your iDevice.
  • Tweaks: You can change some parts of your device such as battery indicator, icons, font size, etc. with the tweaks.
  • Games: Unique games for iOS game players.
  • Apps: You can change the functionality of your iDevice with the apps in the Cydia app store. 
  • Lock Screen Themes: You can customize the look of the lock screen.

You can get exclusively featured apps and tweaks from the ELYX app store that Apple App Store never had. With all these unique apps and tweaks, you can uniquely customize the whole performance of your iDevice.