PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download


PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download is the updated file for your PS3 console jailbreak. If you have already updated your console via the internet, then you do not have to bother downgrading your console. That is because you can freely overwrite with the use of your current 4.76 version. You can jailbreak your console easily with an HDD along with a minimum space of 512MB or a USB stick. 

PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download

Most of the people have failed to jailbreak their console due to not formatting the USB stick with FAT32. Therefore, you must make sure to format your USB stick with FAT32. You can right-click on your USB stick icon and go to the property to check the USB stick format status. Also, make sure to read the instructions guide carefully before proceeding with the PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download. If the console does not accept this file or says “No applicable data found”, try renaming your downloaded jailbreak file named  “PS3UPDAT.PUP or PS3UPDAT.


PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download Features

  • It does not ask you for any modification or opening your console.
  • PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download works included with the maximum model, super slim.
  • You can easily install .pkg files.
  • It allows you to play DVD games as you used to play.
  • It will not cause any bricks.
  • Bug fixes with PS3 jailbreak.
  • You can install and download games fastly.
  • It allows you to access PSN accounts to play online games.
  • It brings multiman backup manager.


How to Proceed with PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download?

  1. Extract the PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download files into your PC.
  2. Rename the pup file as “PS3UPDAT.PUP” from the extract folder.
  3. Connect your USB stick to your personal computer with a minimum space of 512MB.
  4. Create a root folder on the USB stick PS3 > Update.
  5. Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP file and paste it to the update folder.
  6. Disconnect the USB stick from your computer.
  7. Connect the USB stick into your PS3 console.
  8. Go to Settings > System Update > select update through the Mass Storage.
  9. Then it will say “Found 4.76-JB”.
  10. After that, press the “x” button to indicate OK.
  11. Then you must accept the terms and conditions of the jailbreak app and follow the on-screen instructions.


It will take a few minutes to install the PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download. After the installation is done, the console will restart automatically. When it is done with the restarting, the console will be jailbroken. Then you will see multi-man and some additional options. When the jailbreak is done, you can play games online and it will never ban your PSN account. Your console data will remain still even after the jailbreak is done.

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PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download with Elyx JB

Elyx JB is a powerful online jailbreak application that can jailbreak any iOS version, iDevice model, including the people’s favorite gaming console, the PlayStation 3 and 4. Therefore, you can get the direct download link to PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download from the Elyx Jailbreak official website.