Evasion Jailbreak Download

Since iOS Jailbreaking is one of the favorite tasks of iDevice users, there are many jailbreak apps in different names. evasion Jailbreak Download is one of the most popular jailbreak apps from them. On this web page, we are going to discuss all about evasion app for iOS Jailbreaking.


Evasion Jailbreak Download

iOS Jailbreaking is the path to bypass manufacturer restrictions imposed on iOS devices. After jailbreaking an iDevice, all restrictions and limitations imposed by the company get vanished. The best thing about jailbreaking an iDevice is that you get the opportunity to install amazing third-party apps and tweaks on jailbroken devices. This powerful evasion Jailbreak Download also allows you to install third-party apps and tweaks on iDevices.


What is evasion Jailbreak Download?

Evasion is an untethered jailbreak program that supports iOS 6.0 – iOS 6.1.2 and iOS 7.0 – iOS 7.0.6. It is famous for a portable code base and very little use of arbitrary code execution. Evasion Jailbreak Download became very popular among jailbreak community members since its first release. Over seven million people downloaded it within four days since the release date. Evasion jailbreak app was released on February 04, 2013. However, Apple patched four of the six exploits used in the evasion app on March 18, 2013.

evad3rs released a new version of evasion Jailbreak Download on December 22, 2013, to iOS 7.x. It was released in the name of ‘evasi0n7’. With the exploit patches by Apple Inc. it ended updating. The final release of evasion Jailbreak Download was for iOS 7.0.6.

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The Best Alternative to evasion Jailbreak Download

Although evasion is a powerful jailbreak app, it could not be released for many iOS versions as Apple patched all exploits with their new iOS updates. However, there are some jailbreak apps that can jailbreak all iOS versions and iDevice models. Mostly, they are online jailbreak apps. The best online jailbreak app that supports all iOS and iDevice versions is the famous Elyx JB. You can use the Elyx Jailbreak app as the best alternative to the evasion Jailbreak Download.


Does evasion Jailbreak Download Void My Device Warranty?

Yes, almost all jailbreak apps, including evasion void the device warranty after jailbreaking a particular iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The only jailbreak app category that does not void the device warranty after jailbreaking is online jailbreak apps. Elyx JB is such a wonderful online jailbreak app that does not void the device warranty even after proceeding with the jailbreak.