Cydia Impactor Old Version


With the development of the technology and because of the experiences gained from the older ones the developers update the apps for new versions. So the previous versions are labeled as older versions, Cydia Impactor is also the same. Jay Saurik Freeman introduced the Cydia impactor in 2013 and now it has undergone many updates and the latest version is the best and with the updates the features and facilities have also been updated. 

Cydia Impactor Old Version

Cydia impactor has gained a considerable audience throughout the world because of its amazing features and updates. It is a Graphical User interface tool used to install third party applications for iOS devices. It allows the Android users to install APK files and iOS users to install IPA files. You can upgrade your Android device running from Android 2.3 version to Android 50 version with a few clicks. Though it always undergoes for new updates there are some unique key features of Cydia Impactor so first we will see about those features.   

The very first feature is Rooting of Android devices. All you have to do is to start the application and connect your iDevice to the computer then click on the start button and wait a few minutes as it will take some time. 


Features of Cydia Impactor

Here is a description about some amazing features of Cydia Impactor

A main feature of Cydia Impactor is rooting of Android devices. You have to start your application and then connect your computer and the device. Click on the start button to start the rooting process. It will root your Android device of 2.3 version to Android 5.0 version with jew few clicks. Then you must wait a few seconds until the process is done. Another smart feature of Cydia Impactor is the bridging connection. Using this feature you can connect, disconnect or restart the connection between the device and the computer, for this process all you have to know is the port number of the device. Having inbuilt drivers in the tool is also an eye catching feature of the users. These inbuilt USB drivers allow you to connect the device to the computer without the installation of drivers separately. Although it has inbuilt drivers still you have the chance to install drivers manually also. The Unlock bootloader feature of Cydia Impactor allows you to lock and unlock your Android device’s bootloader and it also gets the identifier token in order to generate the unlock bootloader file. You can easily flash any update package, mod package, root package and recovery file into your device manually without any fastboot tool. These are the most significant features of Cydia Impactor. 

Cydia Impactor is the app that can be known as the best tool to sideload third party applications. It is safe and efficient. You do not need to worry about privacy as it asks for the Apple ID only for login purposes. Furthermore this app is free of charge. So install this application and experience its amazing features by yourself.