Cydia Impactor iOS 11


Cydia impactor is the best Graphical User Interface tool you can use to install third party applications to your iOS device. This application is compatible for Windows, Mac and linux operating systems. The main use of this is to download APK files for Android devices and IPA files for iOS devices. As older versions of Cydia impactor show bugs and errors, Jay Saurik Freeman the developer of Cydia Impactor has introduced new versions to the users. 

Cydia Impactor iOS 11

Cydia Impactor iOS 11

Cydia impactor iOS 11 is a new version released. So first  we will see the requirements you need to fulfil inorder to get Cydia impactor iOS 11. 

The most important thing must be the computer and the iOS device you are using for the process must have the same date and time.You must install the latest version of iTunes for your computer with windows or mac operating system for the performing installation process. Furthermore if you are using a pc with Linux operating system you must pay an extra attention to download Cydia impactor for certain 32 bit or 64 bit. Another requirement you must consider is to install USB drivers if you are using an Android device. You must also keep in mind to have the latest version of iOS otherwise it will generate provision.cpp.150 error. So these are the major requirements you must fulfil before installing cydia impactor iOS 11 to your device.

You can download this latest version from the official website of Cydia Impactor for iOS 11/12 and it is compatible for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. The links for the latest versions will be updated from time to time as always a better update without bugs and errors are always invented. 


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If Cydia Impactor is not working in iOS 11 there are some alternatives you can try. The error might be not because of your fault most probably the computer must be responsible for the error. This error has become a big issue among the users and it has been discussed among users. Though Cydia Impactor is not the only app you can use to install third party applications for iOS devices without jailbreaking this is the most famous, easiest and the most efficient app you can use to fulfil the tasks. Below are some alternative options you can make. 

Option 1: Downgrade back to iOS 10.3.3

As the iOS 10.3.3 version is still available, you still have the chance to go back to the old version. If you do not do it as soon as possible Apple may close the signing window very soon.

Option 2: AppValley

AppValley is another app just like Cydia Impactor that allows you to install tweak apps without jailbreaking your device. You can get this app directly from its official website. Moreover even if that app got revoked you can try an application such as to sideload third party applications into your iOS device. 

Option 3: Xcode + iOS App signer

A reddit user shared this solution and you need to have a computer with Mac operating system in order to work this out. Furthermore you can use DanTheMan827’s iOS app signer tool along with Xcode to fix this error. 

Day by day the apps get updated, it is true even true for Cydia Impactor. Always the latest version will be more accurate than the previous version as it will be free from errors and bugs. So we hope that you got a clear idea about the Cydia Impactor iOS 11 version. This is one of the best applications we can recommend to install third party applications.