Cydia Free Games


Cydia is a secondary app store that gives you the unlimited freedom to download third-party apps that are not included in the default Apple app store. If you are looking for Cydia free games, you should download Cydia first. But you cannot directly download Cydia. Here jailbreak iOS is essential. 

Cydia Free Games

In the default Apple app store, you can find limited applications including apps, games, themes, ads, extensions, etc. users not allowed to directly download third-party apps for the Apple operating system. Therefore Cydia free games are not supported if the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch are not jailbroken. 


Cydia download with third party facilities

For Cydia download, you have to jailbreak your iOS. As we know, jailbreak is the way to remove all the restrictions, limitations, rules, and regulations that Apple imposed. So after completing jailbreak, users get limitless freedom to customize the operating system by installing advanced apps, themes, games, extensions, and plenty of other opportunities.  


ELYX JB for jailbreak iOS

To jailbreak iOS, now you can use the ELYX jailbreak application. This is an online tool for downloading jailbreak and it includes an in-build app store. After jailbreak iOS with ELYXJB, it will automatically install this secondary app store and you can download Cydia games and other apps, tweaks via ELYX JB. 


Best Cydia Sources / Repos – Download Cydia free games

Let’s see the ways to download Cydia free games for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices after jailbreaking iOS. 


  1. SiNfuL iPhone

This is a popular community that provides forums with more than 3000k users. Here SiNfuL iPhone gives you to download Cydia free games and other apps with a massive collection for free and with paid facilities.  


  1. App Cake

App Cake is another repository that provides several free games for worldwide Apple users. For game lovers, this is a must application that allows them to download Cydia free games


  1. Insanely

If you are looking to customize your device with plenty of Cydia free games, apps, themes, then Insanelyi can be introduced as a wonderful Cydia Source. Insanely includes free games, apps, themes, etc.


  1. BigBoss Repo

The BigBoss repo includes the popular Cydia source/repo. Through BigBoss you can download Cydia free games and paid games as well as other apps.


  1. iHacks

This is a combination of xSellize source and SiNful iPhone source. It runs very well on your jailbroken iOS and this Cydia free games download repo provides a massive collection of RPMs games and emulators. 

Not only these sources, but there are also multiple Cydia sources/repos available to get Cydia free games for your jailbroken iOS. 

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How to download Cydia free games?

To download the above-mentioned Cydia sources you have to jailbreak iOS. For that, now you can use the ELYX JB application. ELYX JB is a popular online jailbreak tool that was released with a wide range of iDevice compatibility as well as a wide range of iOS compatibility. If you are looking to download Cydia free games, then you should try the ELYX jailbreak app for iOS jailbreak. Here you can follow the below steps.

Step01. Download the ELYXJB app.

Step02. Open Settings menu. Open Profile Download. Enter the device passcode.

Step03.Downloading and installing jailbreak begins.

When the installation is completed, open the ELYX JB app store. Then you can download Cydia sources for Cydia free games download.