3K Assistant | Aeternum | Barrel with Cydia Free

Three of the most hearing apps among Cydia jailbreak community members are 3K Assistant Cydia Free, Aeternum Cydia Free, Barrel Cydia Free. If you are new to the Cydia jailbreak community and wish to learn about these apps, you can refer to this web page for that as we are discussing all about these apps on this web page.



3k assistant cydia free

3K Assistant Cydia Free

3K Assistant is a Chinese developer team. They developed a piracy store in the same name of 3K Assistant Cydia Free. This piracy store application allows you to download paid apps completely free on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Therefore, almost all iDevice users are interested in downloading 3K Assistant Cydia Free. This app is mostly used by Chinese users, but it is available for people in other countries as well.


Aeternum Cydia Free

Aeternum Cydia Free is the ideal way to have a new user-interface for your Apple Watch. “Eternity” is the Latin meaning of the word ‘Aeternum’. So it offers you an elegant new user-interface to your Apple Watch. Aeternum Cydia Free is fully functional and it even sports a Dock and allows you to rearrange all icons. It also gives you various settings to make adjustments to the appearance considering your needs. You also get the opportunity to use different beautiful themes with this Aeternum Cydia Free.

This wonderful app was developed for iOS 8, iOS 9, and iPhone. It does support iOS 7 and iPad as well, but it features some glitches, so it is not supported iPads and iOS 7 officially yet. You cannot use Aeternum Cydia Free on the latest released iOS versions either. However, if the developer releases a new version of the Aeternum Cydia Free, Elyx Jailbreak website will be updated with the direct download link for that.


Barrel Cydia Free

Barrel Cydia Free is a third-party app that allows you to change the sliding motion on the home screen of your iPhone. It is a Cydia tweak that is available in the Cydia app store. It can add graphical effects to your icon pages to help you when scrolling through the home screen. In the tweak settings, there are 18 different modes that you can select.

Developers still build new effects to the Barrel Cydia Free. There is an option to turn off the effects as well. The settings app lets you configure options. A settings app to the Barrel Cydia Free settings will be added to your iPhone’s home screen. Both the Barrel app and the indigenous settings app allow you for configuration. You can download Barrel Cydia Free on all iOS 3 to iOS 13.x.y devices. It costs $2.99 and it is available in the Barrel app to purchase after its installation.

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3K Assistant Cydia Free, Aeternum Cydia Free, Barrel Cydia Free with Elyx Jailbreak

Elyx is a powerful online jailbreak app that allows you to jailbreak iDevices and install Cydia Free. It supports all iDevice models and iOS versions. You can install powerful third-party apps, tweaks, games, themes, extensions, and add-ons by using the Elyx Jailbreak app store. All these 3K Assistant Cydia Free, Aeternum Cydia Free, Barrel Cydia Free are also available in the Elyx Jailbreak app store to download.